Good description of a old man

I need a good description of a old man at a fun fair (10 points best answer) i have got a english test tomorrow and i am writing a description of a old man so i need some ideas and a good example please. An old woman will not describe an old man the same way that a 5-year old boy would a farmer wouldn't describe the same old man in a similar manner as a tax accountant would without knowing who is describing the thing, the thing cannot be described.

Are you providing a general description or are you describing the guy in a certain situation is the man someone that you know or just a random passerby think first about what the man may be wearing. Needs help writing a description of an old man or old woman 10 points for best anser (. Eg you give a straightforward description of facial features: nose shape, eye colour, lip colour and shape, hair length and colour, plus general body shape sure, this tells the reader what your character looks like, on a superficial level - but it doesn't tell us anything else about this person's life, beliefs, or quirks.

Source(s): any old person reading this would be mad and think it was a stereotype of old people, so i recommend adding a more positive description of a 2end old person that breaks the stereotypes so they won't feel annoyed.

Best answer: his old, frightening eyes watched my every move his face had mostly been hidden by his glasses, but i could almost feel his cold breath as stepped farther away slowly, he followed me. Effective character description this would be a good opportunity to show her thoughts and doubts while he's walking around the car to open her door: she can watch his tall figure in the moonlight let fears crop up (what's she doing here with a man who is practically a stranger such as the fact that this man is practically a stranger. These online dating profile examples for men will give you templates, tips, and inspiration to create a dating profile that helps you get more attention.

Good description of a old man

Description is too wordy or uses images that are unintentionally funny or bizarre there's no need to go on about your character's looks for pages and pages the trick is to introduce just enough pertinent details to help your reader to instantly 'see' the character, then to build on that as the story develops. Well, old man at a fun fair there could be some ideas such as, he is a bit blind and it is harder for him to see so ha might have lost some of his old friends or relatives a bit funny but works and makes sense. Why he's hot: robert is the man of your dreams there's basically no one else who looks ridiculously good looking in a suit of metal there's basically no one else who looks ridiculously good looking in a suit of metal.

Instead of saying a old man sitting in a bus stop update: please keep in context, i need the right word to put in there, not the 'superannuated' man there are some good examples here but i need more.

Old man: gray hair, dark age spots, a little hunched over from years of gravity on pushing down on his spine, sour breath, glasses on the tip of his nose, walking slowly, holding a cane, orthopedic shoes, brown suspenders, plaid shirt, khaki pants pulled all the way up to his waist, a cigar in his mouth, and a cap sitting half way on his head. Hi dear, could i have a better english to describe a person (eg a man) as follow: big eyes straight nose charming as smiling shape of body looking very strong good posture low tone of voice description of a man.

good description of a old man The words attractive, good-looking, cute, and hot can be used for both men and women cute is a more playful word to say a person is attractive we often use “cute” for children and baby animals and the word hot is a slang word that you should only use during informal conversations among friends.
Good description of a old man
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